Q: Is there a deep salad bowl for this set??

A: It's really best suited for cereal. A small salad would be fine - not too much room to toss.


Q: Are there any serving items that match this set?

A: I don’t know . I purchased set .. no serving items with set.


Q: Is there a way to buy by the plate? Or even just plates? 1 of mine broke in the dishwasher on its 1st wash....

Answer: I don't believe there is. I received one with a little chip. I just figured you get what you pay for. In total I've ordered 3 sets and am pretty happy with what I got. It would be nice though to be able to just order extra plates.


Q: Where are they made?

Answer: China


Q: Are there any other pieces that can be had or match? (serving bowls, butter dish) etc.?

A: these were very plain... white w/black stripe, so you could mix/match solid colors with them, in my opinion. i got this set of dishes for my son and his college suitemates.

Q: are these plates ceramic or plastic?

A: Ceramic, look great but chip fairly easily. Not durable like Corningware unfortunately.


Q: Does this set have serving bowls and other accessories available?

A: Everything you see in the photo is what you receive in the order. Each piece comes in a group of 4.


Q: Do these dishes get marks on them from your stainless utensils? Thank you

A: No. These are really great dishes. They look very nice and are very durable.


Q: What are the dimensions of the large, oblong 3-qt dish

Answer: 9x13


Q: Are the small storage cups glass with plastic lids?

A: Yes they are.


Q: Are these good to freeze food in?

A: the slide on's...no. but the push on lids, yes. after age, the lids have a tendency to crack if left in freezer long periods of time. i know this from experience...for 28 yrs ive been using this product and replacing them.


Q: What the maximum baking temperature the 18 piece set can handle without shattering?

A: mine shattered in the oven at 350 after about 40 minutes


Q: are the storage cups oven safe?

A: All of the glass Pyrex are oven safe, of the tops are not.


Q: How soon after it comes out of the oven, can you place the lid on it?

A: My guess is 30-45 minutes. When it's cool to the touch. I love mine!


Q: Is this sturdy enough for several large serving platters?

A: Mine is used for cookie sheets and cutting boards. Separaters do move when item shifts. Suggest not for use for big China or glass platters.


Q: Is this sturdy enough for glass casserole dishes

A: It definitely appears to be. Wish I had thought of that. I may repurpose the one I got to do just that.


Q: can you order extra dividers?

A: We are happy to inform you that extra dividers are now available for order.


Q: If you put the handles upright, do the pots and pans stay in place or do you have to lean the handles to the back of the cupboard so they don't fall?

A: I use mine to store lids and they stand up well. I didn't have room to stack the fry pans also.


Q: Can i get extra dividers?

A: I'm sorry I can't answer your question but I can tell you that unless you plan on storing cookie sheets and other flat items you probably won't need extra dividers. I store only lids and since mine have somewhat taller handles I couldn't fit any more than what was supplied anyway.


Q: Can it hold pans with handles upright?

A: Yes it can


Q: are these good for your cookbooks?

A: Yes it could be used for cookbooks. The adjustability is good but there is some play with the dividers.


Q: can it be used for drain the water of wood cutting board on the counter?

A: I think that putting wet things on this metal base would cause it to rust .


Q: Is this a bluish purple color, because that is what I'm seeing on my phone.

A: no...rich navy blue


Q: Is the inside of the cup black like the outside?

A: Yes!


Q:  what is the diameter at the base of the cup?

A: The cup is 3 1/4" straight up and down.

The base it sits on is 2 3/4" and very stable.

I am thinking of getting more, myself.


Q: Is the handle large enough for a adult male to hold without having to scrunch up his fingers?

A: Yes. Large handle.

Q: how wide is the base?

A: 3 inches, give or take 1/32nd.


Q: do these have writing on the bottom?

A: No writing or markings on the bottom.